stimulate stim‧u‧late [ˈstɪmjleɪt] verb [transitive]
to encourage an activity to begin or develop further:

• Banks were urged to lower credit-card interest rates to stimulate consumer spending.

• Any increase in industrial activity will stimulate demand for electricity.

— stimulative adjective :

• stimulative fiscal measures

— stimulation noun [uncountable] :

• short-term economic stimulation

* * *

stimulate UK US /ˈstɪmjəleɪt/ verb
[T] ECONOMICS to encourage something to grow, develop, or become active: »

The government plans to cut taxes in order to stimulate the economy.

stimulate growth/investment/trade »

Liberalization should stimulate growth.

stimulate demand/sales/interest »

We hope the discounts will help stimulate sales.

[I or T] to make someone excited and interested about something: »

I need to find a job that will stimulate me more.

stimulation noun [U]

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